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    Home Automation
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    Distributed Audio & video
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    Custom Home Theater
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    Technology working together

PACIFIC AUDIO LABS is here to serve YOU........

We specialize in enhancing Custom Homes and MDU projects with value-added features than simplify your life and your project.

  • Smart Home / Home Automation, including Voice command control. 
  • Home Theater / Living Space Theater, allowing you to get a 'real' theater in an existing multi-use room in your home
  • Dedicated Theater / A 'full blown' Theater experience, from mile to WILD using the products that define the industry
  • Lighting Control by Lutron / We offer multiple levels/sizes of Lighting Automation, that includes control of Shades and Drapes
  • Music systems / Streaming music systems up to 64 zones, with up to 16 discreet music sources. 
  • Network Management / Now days, you need to control what goes on in your network
  • Wifi signal enhancement / From 2 to 200 similtaneous users over 15,000 sqft, we got you covered. 
  • Cell phone signal enhancement / The Cellular 'Repeater' has come down in price so far that you can't afford not to do it!
  • Surveillance Cameras / From basic to 10-year warrantied IC Realtime Systems with local and remote viewing from anywhere
  • Alarm systems / Professionally designed and Monitored Alarm systems by SecureTech
  • High Performance Audio Systems / Why not be there? Why not have the musical event 'live' right in your home ?
  • Monitoring of systems / Keep tabs on the network, the Cell Repeater, the Wifi etc, at your fingertips.
  • Service Contracts and Monitoring / Stuff happens. A Service/Monitoring agreement helps minimize issues and keeps you informed